Location: 264 Railway Parade, West Leederville, Western Australia
Type: Hospitality & Commercial
Status: Open
Area: 650m²
Client: Elliot Moore and Benjamin Braham
Scope: Feasibility Studies, Concept Design, Design Development, Development Approval, Interior Design with Agent Interior Design, Documentation, Contract Administration, Project Management, Owner

As part of our director Benjamin Braham's continuing interest in alternative models of development, this new development in West Leederville is going to provide a unique tavern experience, unlike anything which currently exists in Perth. In partnership with Elliot Moore, who is the brains behind the multiple award winning Mane Liquor, we as the Architects have been involved since day one, searching for sites and developing the business model alongside Elliot Moore. This has allowed design to take precedence in the development of the business and site. Architect engagement from the beginning has also added real, tangible value to the project, with many 'outside of the box' opportunities able to be seized, and the brief being expanded and improved upon regularly.

Elliot and Benjamin have successfully received Development Approval from the Town of Cambridge, along with an approved unrestricted Tavern License from Liquor Licensing.

Besk will neighbour the Mary Street Bakery, with Myrtle Ivy and a whole series of new multi-residential developments nearby. It will be an essential part of the newest up and coming strip in Perth's inner suburbs, and we look forward to it becoming an important part of the West Leederville community. We can't wait to invite people to our new home soon from both near and far.

170112 - BESK - Front Elevation Render.jpg