"Architect Ben Braham was quick to grasp our requirement for a stylish commercial office in a largely industrial area.

We sought a building which future proofed us for growth in staff numbers, was a nice work environment and was energy efficient.

This building delivers, it is a fabulous place to be in, it is attractive both inside and out, and it is both environmentally and cost effective. When you enter and especially when you stay, a calming pleasant sensation is experienced. The interior is welcoming and just plain interesting, and the exterior is quite stunning.

We couldn't be happier with the finished product."

- Fred McMurray, Managing Director of Sanwell, Sanwell Office Building


"As a business partnership of multiple people it was important that we find someone who could assist us in bringing into reality a restaurant concept that was reflective of the different thinking and viewpoints that the directors (and project builders) each held.  While a common driver of a "successful venture" was a goal of everyone, we approached issues from diverse view points - always under the every present constraints of budget and timing.  Ben and Leonie provided not only a depth of technical skill and analysis but also a positive tone in proposing solutions and options to keep the project moving forward." 

- Chris Rose, Director of Phase 33Dainty Dowager /  Low Key Chow House

"Ben understands that great design outcomes are a journey for both architect and client and all starts with a conversation about an idea"

- Brenton, Karrinyup Residential Addition

"We initially wanted to build a small stand alone office on the back of our property and contacted Ben to discuss how we could best go about this. He showed us how we could not only use that space effectively but also how we could grow our family home in a way that best utilised the small amount of space we had. He was able to find a way to both increase the floorspace of our dwelling and increase the outdoor living areas, whilst at the same time providing clever uses of light and space to make our home function better.

Using an architect allowed us to build something that we would have never come up with ourselves and has given us a space that is both modern and functional whilst still respecting the original house (circa 1905)."

- Alex Cochrane, North Fremantle Residence