Our Philosophy

Braham Architects is an award-winning, client focused design practice driven by a passion for all aspects of design and architecture.  We commit to understanding each clients individual requirements and the creation of an open line of communication where listening is paramount.  A highly detailed briefing process ensures that each design responds to the complexities of the specific project. This thorough understanding of the project is applied throughout the concept design, design development, documentation and construction phases. Braham Architects are confident in their ability to guide their clients through the complexity of each and every project, with a strong emphasis on conveying and communicating the design to the client through both physical and 3D modelling at every stage of the project.

The design process should be an enjoyable and productive journey with the end product exceeding all initial expectations. We are excited by the potential of these journeys.


What we can deliver for you

Braham Architects takes pride in its role in the creation of tailor-made solutions to a wide range of complex contextual sites and situations. We believe that buildings need to tell a story of its place and its occupants. Through a practical understanding of the impact of design decisions upon the eventual use and occupation of our projects, we critically analyze the myriad factors and possibilities present in every project.

This is far from a pre-packaged, soulless plan directly and unsympathetically transplanted to your site. Braham Architects provides and immerses itself in a collaborative process with the client and site which results in a truly individual, sensitive and responsive design solution.

Braham Architects provides the following building and design services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Sketch Design
  • Planning/ Development Approval Submission
  • Design Development
  • Documentation
  • Building Approval Submission
  • Contract Administration

Why use Braham Architects?

Braham Architects recognizes the importance of Architecture as a profession, and one which must adhere to strict standards of creativity, innovation and professionalism. While many 'building designers' within the construction industry are not adequately qualified to provide the level of service required by this standard, Braham Architects demands a team of individuals with internationally recognized Architecture degrees combined with the drive and desire to create our unique designs.

For further information on the unique value and expertise that an Architect will provide, consult the Australian Institute of Architects information at http://www.architecture.com.au/architecture/national/working-with-an-architect, or use utilize the official industry body services at http://askanarchitect.com.au/ask/ to gain a thorough understanding of what this profession entails.

Furthermore, continued involvement within the industry through publications, industry events, teaching at various universities, further staff education and involvement in both local and international competitions ensure that Braham Architects remains at the forefront of Architecture and design in Australia.

Our principal Benjamin Braham has proven international experience in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, returning to Australia to become a Registered Architect and an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects. You can read more about Benjamin and his extensive experience in our 'About' section.


Braham Architects takes the responsibilities of Architecture seriously, and understands the immense value which we can give to projects. If you have a community or charity project which would benefit from the skills of an Architect, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are very interested in working with the right people and the right project.

Threads within our work

Braham Architects draws from its wide experience to create confident and understated works. A key characteristic of our projects are the well considered, efficient spaces, which encourage real feeling and connection. Practical experience and knowledge allows us to be inventive with structural systems and unique material palettes, resulting in a range of truly individual designs.

If this collaborative, inventive and sensitive approach will suit your current or future project, or alternatively if you would like to learn more about Braham Architects and their process, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact page